How it all started…

As part of a web design & development company, with expertise on GUI we found it very difficult to find the right candidate for front end design & development. This made us think on the issue and start the web design training school.

Making a better Internet

How many hours do we spend on internet every day? We all know most of our lives start and end on internet. We feel lifeless without internet. We see tons of websites browsing internet, most of them won’t make us happy, they are mostly cluttered, won’t communicate what it has to.

With the vision of making the internet a better place, simple, usable & attractive; we’ve planned the Front end Engineering course, which covers each and every aspect of web designing & development.

Will you be the warrior in making a better Internet – Enroll Now?

The Faculty

KriShne Gowda NL AKA KriS AKA KinGKriS, is the founder & CEO of dzineDen. He is in love with Typography, Illustration and is a Start-Up enthusiast. He is a Certified Usability Analyst from Human Factors International, Web designer and a master web developer with over 14 years’ experience. He always strives to make the pixel perfect designs. Know more about him in his personal page.

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