Manjunath Reddy


As a fresher and having bit experience in programming I did not really know where I was heading until I was trained and guided by Mr. Krishne Gowda on Web designing and development. Believe it or not it did not really take long time for me to learn web designing specially web 2.0 skills. It just took me few days grab what they trained and I was so confident on my skills. I did not really feel like it was a training, it was more like practical and interactive and till today I still remember what I learnt and based on the same skills, I have learned more than what I expected myself. One thing for sure, one will not just learn to be web designer or developer, their training helps you to be more creative and be practical rather than just knowledge accumulator.

- Manjunath Reddy

Specialized web2.0 designer

Mindwave Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

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